Ellie Sarmadi - Product & Finance
  • Looks at all things product, game economy, tokenomics & fundraising
  • Columbia Business School
  • Ex Wall Street professional
  • Sr. Executive in pre-IPO Alibaba fund
  • Angel investor Linkedin
Amine Ben Romdhane - Tech
  • Looks at all things backend, frontend & blockchain
  • CTO to several startups
  • Built 30 apps
  • Master of everything tech ENTRE
Moises Silva - Blockchain Tech
  • Looks at all things Blockchain & Web3 features
  • Managed the development of 45 Web3 products
  • Solutions Architect for a blockchain protocol from scratch
  • Managed code reviews ensuring optimal production & workflows LinkedIn
Solomon Gegeshidze - Metaverse 3D Designer
  • Looks at all things 3D avatar + equipment + clothing modeling
  • Manage texturing, rendering and rigging of realistic assets
  • Led creation of entire 3D asset portfolio for variety of gaming & metaverse projects
  • Lead team of 3D artists to manage larger needs in time constraint situations LinkedIn
Ines Piazzese - UI & UX Designer
  • Looks at all things UI & UX
  • Manages UX strategy, constant iterations & enhancements
  • Optimizes UX deeply based on human cognitive psychology
  • Utilizes all creative juices stemming from previous design careers ENTRE LinkedIn
TBD - Community & Growth
  • Looks at all things community and growth
  • Creating awareness across Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Reddit among others